Department of Respiratory Medicine


1. Prof. S. N. Gaur, Department of Respiratory Medicine


Prof. S. N. Gaur


Dr. S. N. Gaur did his M.B.,B.S. in 1973, M.D. in 1977, PhD in Medicine, 2005. He served as Acting Director from 01/07/2011 to 20/11/2012. He was the Head of the Department of T.B. & Respiratory Diseases (Now renamed as Pulmonary Medicine) for 2 terms in rotation from 1996 to 2002. He is Honorary Secretary of National College of Chest Physicians (India) from 1998 and Editor of Indian Journal of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (Official publication of Indian College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology) from 2002. He has been to United Kingdom for 1 year on Deputation from Govt. of India to avail the Commonwealth Medical Fellowship from 1991 to 1992. He is an Expert Member (T.B. & Chest Diseases) of Rajasthan Public Service Commission. He has over 33 years of teaching experience & over 35 years of clinical experience. He is examiner of M. D. & D. T. C. D. of various Universities of India including the University of Delhi. He has guided 24 students for M.D. Thesis (T.B. & Respiratory Diseases) and has been co-supervisor of 3 Ph.D's. He has been approved as Supervisor of Ph.D. (T.B. & Respiratory Diseases) of University of Delhi from 2005 and examiner for Ph.D (Medicine) of Bundelkhand University from 2001. He is an examiner for DNB (Respiratory Diseases) from 2005. He has imparted training to various faculty members and specialists of different Universities/ Colleges/ Institutions in Asthma, Allergy, Immunotherapy, Bronchoscopy and other Respiratory Diseases. Dr. Gaur is a member of the various Committees of American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, USA (AAAAI) from 2007 -like Immune-Modulation Committee, Insect Allergy Committee, CME Committee, Adverse reactions to Food Committee, Immunotherapy Committee, Evaluations and Outcomes Research Committee.


Prof. Gaur is Fellow of American College of Chest Physicians (USA) from 1982 ; American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (USA) from 2005; National College of Chest Physicians (India) from 1982 - its Secretary from 1988 ; Indian College of Allergy, Asthma & Applied Immunology (Previously called Allergy & Applied Immunology) from 1981 - its Treasurer from 1986 to 1991, Vice-President in 1997, Editor from 2002 ; American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (USA) from 2005 , National Academy of Medical Sciences (2008), International Medical Sciences Academy (2010) and Member of American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (USA) from 1987; European Respiratory Society, 2007; Asia pacific consortium for Environment, 2007; U.C.B. Academy of Allergy from 1998 ; Indian Aerobiological Society from 1998 ; Delhi T. B. Association from 1999 ; Indian Medical Association from 1982 ; Indian Chest Society from 2002 ; Geriatric Society of India from 2003, Indian Science Congress (2010).


Prof. Gaur has received Awards like -- R.C. Garg Award of the Tuberculosis Association of India (1995) ; Koch's Discovery of Tubercular Bacilli Centenary Oration of T.B. association of U.P. (1996) ; N.C.C.P.(I) - Cipla Chest Oration of N.C.C..P.(I) (1998) ; D.N. Shivpuri Memorial Oration of Indian College of Allergy, Asthma & immunology (1999) ; D.M.A. Appreciation award for services to Medical Profession conferred on Doctor's Day (1998) ; G.S. Reddy Pondicherry Oration of Geriatric Society of India (2003), R. V. Memorial Oration of NCCP(I) (2004), Dr. Mohd. Abu Moezuddin Oration of I.M.A. (UP), Allahabad (2006),Ranbaxy Robert Koch Oration of Tuberculosis Association of India (2006).


Prof. Gaur is credited to report first time from India about (1) Anaerobic Lung Disease ; (2) Farmer's Lung Disease (3) Pulmonary Blastomycosis (4) Use of Lipotropic factor - Choline as an anti-inflammatory agent for Allergic diseases - Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, Allergic Urticaria (5) Prevalence of A.B.P.A. in Asthmatics, (6) Prevalence of Asthma and Rhinitis in Urban and rural Adults population of Delhi, School Children, Industrial population, Petrol pump workers of Delhi, (7) A double blind placebo control trial of Allergen Immunotherapy in asthma and rhinitis.


Prof. Gaur has written a Text Book of Respiratory Medicine (2000) (Reprint 2002, next edition due 2010/11) (Modern Publishers, Delhi) and Edited Postgraduate Course Book on T.B. & Respiratory Diseases ( IMA-AKN Sinha Institute, Delhi),(2001), NCCP(I) - Text Book of Respiratory Medicine (2010). He has prepared the Guidelines for practice of Allergen Immunotherapy in India (2009).


Prof. Gaur has been the Associate Editor of Indian Journal of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (Previously called Allergy and Applied Immunology) from 1996 to 2001 and Editor from 2002. He is member of the Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Chest Diseases & Allied Sciences and other National journals. He is Overseas Reviewer of the Journal CHEST from 2005, and of Saudi Medical Journal from 2005.


Prof. Gaur has over 150 original scientific Publications in International & National journals including Book, Chapters in books, Articles and has delivered about 7 Orations, delivered over 140 Guest Lectures in Various Conferences, Seminars, Symposia, C.M.Es. He has participated in 28 Panel Discussions. He and his research associates have presented over 80 scientific papers in various International & National Conferences. He has Chaired over 80 scientific sessions in various conferences, seminars etc. He has been associated with organization of various International & National Conferences in India. To name a few -Joint Organizing Secretary & Incharge, C.M.E., NACCON-1989, Organizing Secretary, NACCON-1994, Joint Organizing Secretary, ICAAI Convention, 1994, Course Director of C.M.E. cum Workshop on Allergy & Asthma , NAPCON-2000, National Advisor / Member of organizing committee of various NACCON / NAPCON Conferences and ICAAI conferences held from 1995.


Prof. Gaur has been an Active Faculty member of the Workshop on Allergy and Immunotherapy (Now Renamed as Workshop on Respiratory Allergy - Diagnosis & Management) since 1981 and has trained specialists in the field of Allergy & immunotherapy since then.


Prof. Gaur is a well known in the field of Respiratory Medicine with special interest in Respiratory Allergy (Asthma, Hypersensitivity, Pneumonitis (Farmer's Lung Disease), ABPA, Food Allergy, Allergen Immunotherapy), Mycotic diseases of lung, Pulmonary rehabilitation in Asthma, COPD. ILD, Epidemiology of Asthma and Rhinitis, Comparative studies of various drugs in asthma and COPD, Tuberculosis including MDR-TB, etc.