Library Services


Library Services & Facilities:



Online Catalogue Search


 The library offers an online access searchable digital catalogue of the its holdings. The reader can search the book through author, title, keyword, accession no, call no, etc.


Circulation service

Circulation is the most popular service of any Library. VPCI Library lends or issues books to its users according to their entitlement. The library provides the following circulation services.

  1. Issue/Return Service


   2. Text Book Service


  3. General Book Service


  4. User Orientation Programmed


  5.  Book Reservation Facility


  6. Reminders for long overdue books


 Reference Service


For any kind to query and help, the Library staff is available to its users. Members can approach the staff on all floors regarding the library collection, catalogue, availability of any document or any other facility provided by the Library. A dedicated reference desk is available on the ground floor. The library provides the following reference services:


1. Personal assistance to users

2. Updating Library Collection in user request

3.  OPAC Assistance

4.  Inter Library Loan


Periodical Service


VPCI Library has subscriptions to to more than 112 full text journals. Indexing and abstracting database and Public Domain resources


E-Resource Centre

The Library has a dedicated E-Resources Centre for accessing more than 100 Chest Diseases, Allied Sciences and medical journals  full text electronic journals from a good number of databases subscribed by VPCI Library & DULS. The Library regularly organizes orientation and literacy programmes for students for promoting the usage of e-resources. Users may contact the librarian & library staff for any additional help required while accessing the database.

Apart from this, online searches are being carried out for providing instant access of Information Resources to the desktop of researchers through LAN (Local Area Network). The Internet services have been provided right on the desktop of each Faculty Member through LAN and Leased line connectivity with 2 Mbps form MTNL.

Library, in addition to rendering services to the scientists/research scholars of the Institute provides a platform for other Colleges and Institute's of the University of Delhi towards access of library holdings via the University of Delhi website. The Library is also affiliated with DELNET (Developing Library Network) in accessing various databases like Union Catalogue of Books/Periodicals towards providing of relevant and concerned information timely. Emphasis is being encouraged to provide abstracts, references, CAS and SDI services. Delnet also provide access to DELNET Union Catalogues and other Databases of NLM, full text medical journals, MEDLINE database etc to Member-Libraries through 'Delnet Online' and can be accessed by visiting site

The Library follows an Open Access system. Library is equipped with modern information technology equipments and continues to provide Internet / Email services to the users to access Current Awareness Services (CAS) and SDI services. These are provided to the users in the form of online/offline through e-mail and print during the year. The library has 5 PCs with and 1 printer. The Library uses ‘Libsys 4.0’ software package, which is an integrated multi-user library management system that supports all in-house operations of the Library. The ‘Libsys’ consists of modules on acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serials, article indexing and OPAC. Retrospective conversion of bibliographic records have been completed and can now be accessed through the Libsys OPAC (for Intranet only). The database of books and Journals available in the Library is being updated on day to day basis with details of recently acquired material.