S.No Title. Opening Date Closing Date
1 Invites Limited E Tender for the Procurement of wholegenome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of fungal isolates on illumina Novaseq 6000 Platform. Lib: PE150 Acct put is 3gb/samples 19-05-2022 01-06-2022
2 (Notice) Replacement of T100 Module Assembly in T100 Thermal Cycler, Make: Bio Rad Laboratories Inc., on Proprietary Article Basis- Inviting Comments thereon19-05-2022 31-05-2022
3 Invites tender for the Procurement of Three in One Asthma Management System 05-05-2022 25-05-2022
4 Invites E-Tender for Procurement of Cryobank Cryopreservative vials for storage of Micro Organisms at ultra low temperature09-05-2022 25-05-2022
5 Invites E-tender for the Procurement of NAPSIN A (MRQ60) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody 11-05-2022 25-05-2022
6 Invite open E- Tender for the Procurement of lohexol injection USP,Maxovin,50ml bottle10-05-2022 25-05-2022
7 Invites open E Tender for Repair and Installation of Parts in Cold Room installed at Department of NCRAAI 10-05-2022 25-05-2022
8 Invites bid for procurement of Reagents & consumables make: New England Biolabs Pte Ltd. on Proprietary Article Basis11-05-2022 25-05-2022
9 Invites Bid for procurement of Reagents & Consumables Make New England Biolabs Pte Ltd. on Proprietary Article Basis 11-05-2022 25-05-2022
10 Invites E-tender for Repair and Replacement of Spare Parts for CT Scanner Model AQUILION 64 Make M/s Canon Medical Systems Corporation, japan13-05-2022 25-05-2022