About the Department

Biostatistics department was started in 1960; Dr. A.K.Gupta was looked after the department till 2000. Dr. Mujeeb ur Rahman was looking after the department since 2002. Dr Rahman served the department till 5th May 2017.



1.   Research Priorities


The primary aim of Biostatistics department is to provide comprehensive, flexible and statistical support tailored to the ongoing needs of researchers at the V.P. Chest Institute, University of Delhi.


The Biostatistics department aim to provide continuous help with routine and the state-of-the-art statistical methods at various stages of the research process: planning, implementation, analysis and reporting.


The specific aim of the Department includes:


Provision of statistical consulting services to researchers at the V.P. Chest Institute, University of Delhi, including


·         help with study planning


·         guidance with data collection methods


·         assistance with data analysis and interpretation of results, and


help with report writing and manuscript preparation


assistance to promote appropriate practice and application of statistical methods in healthcare research


provision of statistical support to researchers through collaboration on preparation of grand proposals and guidance on research plans and methodologies


assistance to enhance proper and ethical application of statistical techniques through participation in reviews of Ethical Committee submissions, and


increase awareness of the utility of statistical methods in both healthcare research and teaching



2.  Teaching


Teaching of basics of biostatistics and state-of-the-art statistical methods along with the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) that the students of D.M./M.D./D.T.C.D./Ph. D. use in their thesis.



3.  Reports


Preparation of monthly, quarterly and half-yearly reports for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Directorate General Health Services, Government of Delhi



4. The Biostatistics Department provides a wide spectrum of services:


 Research design to ensure the integrity of the research protocol, including


 guidance on preparation of grant proposals


 identification of the most efficient design and planning of research studies


 assistance with devising effective sampling strategies


 help with sample size determination and power calculations, and


 hypothesis development



Data analysis

using standard statistical techniques and powerful state-of-the-art methods, including


 advice on what software to use


 graphical representation of data


 analysis using routine and advanced statistical procedures, and


 examination of model assumptions through diagnostic tests



 Interpretation of results: interpretation of statistical analyses to enhance communication of the results in a clear, meaningful way, including


clear description of methods used to analyze the data


detailed reporting of the analysis results


assistance with report writing for granting agencies, and


assistance with manuscript preparation



Short courses and workshops: customized short courses and workshops on statistical topics, including


 Bayesian methods


 meta-analysis methods


 writing workshops


 statistical consulting


 multivariate statistical methods


5. Research Goals of the Biostatistics Department


Below are the scientific items that the Department plans to pursue in the next five years:


To support the research goals and objectives of V.P. Chest Institute through collaborative participation in research projects taking place at V.P. Chest Institute.


To support the research goals and objectives of other research institutions through collaborative participation in research projects taking place, by providing support /advice as may be required or requested by various researchers.


To continue contribute clinical trial or statistical methodology development independent research.


To present research finding at professional meetings


To continue to foster connections with researchers from other institutions nationally and internationally.