About the Department


Department of Respiratory Allergy and Applied Immunology


The Department of Respiratory Allergy and Applied Immunology was started by (late) Dr. D.N. Shivpuri in early 1960's with the objective of undertaking research on diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of patients suffering with respiratory allergic disorders. At that time, identification of the offending allergens in patients of broncho-nasal allergy and their treatment by immunotherapy was carried out 'with imported stocks of allergens. The latter were considered unsatisfactory and the need to identify allergens in the actual environment of patients was urgently felt. Systematic studies were undertaken on the identification of clinically important local inhalant allergens: in Delhi atmosphere. Consequently, due to the pioneering work of the Department a large number of allergens of different groups; pollen, fungal, insect, algae, dust and dander were identified and were used for the diagnosis and immunotherapy of the patients with respiratory allergy. The results of immunotherapy with specific local allergens yielded encouraging results. Other faculty members associated with the Departmental activities include; Prof. Kunal Saha, Prof. M.P .S. Menon, Prof. M.K. Agarwal, (Late) Dr. Dharam Parkash and (Late) Dr. Kamal Arora.