About the Department

Department of Radiology


The department of radiology, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute in the Viswanathan Chest Hospital offers state of the art diagnostic imaging and image guided procedures.


The specialized services provided by the department includes :

1.    Thoracic Imaging 

1.    Digital X – Ray services

2.    Portable Computerised X – Ray services

3.    CT Scanning

4.    Ultrasound Scanning


2.    Interventional Radiology :

1.    CT guided procedures

2.    Ultrasound guided procedures

3.    Robotic biopsy procedures

The department gives patients access to a wide range of imaging modalities. The equipment is state of the art in imaging technology and is enhanced with the latest digital Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) along with Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Medical record (EMR) that allow storage and retrieval of records.


The imaging modalities in the department include :

1.    Digital fluoroscopy and digital flat panel radiography system

2.    Computerised radiography system with daylight dry film printing system

3.    Mobile X – ray unit for bedside X rays of ward and ICU patients

4.    Computerised Tomography 64 slice CT scanner

5.    Ultrasonography system

6.    C – Arm for assisting interventional procedures

7.    Robotic tool for guided biopsy procedures

8.    PACS system for viewing patient study images in OPD, Wards, ICU etc

9.    HIS system for storage and retrieval of patient data..


The staff of the department consist of trained and experienced radiologist, technologist and assistants who work together to provide the best care possible to patients and to achieve accurate diagnosis.


Currently the staff consists of :

1.    Dr. Balakrishnan Menon  :           Radiologist

2.    Ms. Tarika Pruthi              :           Senior Techinical Assistant (CT)

3.    Mr. Dhirender Pal             :           Technical Assistant (X-Ray)

4.    Ms. Priyanka Sharma       :           Laboratory Assistant (X-Ray)

5.    Ms. Richa Sharma            :           Laboratory Assistant (CT)

6.    Ms. Ashukey Shah           :            Laboratory Attendant


The department performs more than 25,000 radiological examinations per year which includes over 22,000 X – rays, 3000 CT scans and 500 ultrasound examinations