Udhmodya Foundation

Udhmodya Foundation 



A Section-8 Company of University of Delhi

About the Foundation

https://www.du.ac.in/uploads/new-web/udhmodya.pngThe word Udhmodya symbolises the rising Sun embarking on a journey to success through innovation. To make this a reality, University of Delhi, the epicenter of knowledge, has established a Section-8 Company Udhmodya Foundation in its pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavours. The core objective of the foundation is to drive innovation by supporting budding entrepreneurs to ideate, collaborate, develop their ideas and grow their startups.

  • You have a startup idea and would like to gauge its potential, this is where Udhmodya Foundation steps in. It aims to provide a conducive platform to promising entrepreneurs facilitating their ventures from early stage of ideation to acceleration.
  • At Udhmodya, we are committed to nurture and engage with youth and communities including students, faculty members and other aspirants across diverse domains, in constructive ways to co-create and sustain ecosystems by supporting creativity and entrepreneurial skills.
  • The Foundation aims to extend resource support in terms of seed money, infrastructure, co-working spaces, networking in addition to the expert mentorship, training and advisory to strengthen the startup.
  • Udhmodya proposes a multidisciplinary cohort of founders, mentors, industry experts and corporate partners and is determined to foster links between the university and the startup ecosystem.

Nodal Officer: Dr Uma Tyagi

Purpose: The purpose is to raise awareness and promote Udhmodya Foundation, a Section-8 Company of Delhi University, which is committed to fostering entrepreneurship. The foundation aims to engage with various stakeholders, including students, faculty members, and other aspirants, by facilitating constructive ways to co-create and sustain ecosystems, thereby supporting creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

Access: To ensure easy access to information about the foundation and its initiatives, the innovation and startup policy document is available in the library for reference. Additionally, it can be accessed on the Delhi University website, allowing all stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the foundation's goals and objectives.




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