1st Update on Allergen Immunotherapy (5th-6th March 2019)

Workshop to Develop Capacity of Pharmacists for Optimal Use of Antibiotics (28.02.2019)

Republic Day Celebration (26.01.2019)

Pre-Republic Day Celebration cum Prize Distribution Ceremony of VPCI Sports & Cultural Activities-2018 (25.01.2019)

Institute Day Celebration and 5th Prof. H.S. Randhawa Oration (11.01.2019)

Public Awareness Programme on "Smoking and Lung Health" & "Inauguration of Sports and Cultural Activities of VPCI-2018" (06.12.2018)

CME on Mapping the footprints of NTM Infection: The neglected Mycobacterial Disease (01.11.2018)

Vigilance Awareness Week- 2018 (29th Oct-3rd Nov 2018)

4th Dr. V.K. Vijayan Oration (24.10.2018)

Inauguration of Renovated VCH- Kitchen (15.10.2018)

14th Prof. Autar Singh Paintal Memorial Oration (24.09.2018)

ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshop (19th-21st September 2018)

Special Swachhta Drive -Swachhta Hi Sewa (15th September-2nd October 2018)

Flag Hoisting Ceremony on Independence Day (15.08.2018)

VPCI Sports & Cultural Activity - 2017 (Prize Distribution Ceremony) (13.08.2018)

4th International Day of Yoga (21.06.2018)

Inauguration of 43rd Workshop on Respiratory Allergy: Diagnosis & Management, and Patient Registration Hall (18.06.2018)

Workshop on Quality Laboratory Services (12.04.2018)

Swachhta Pakhwada (01.04.2018-15.04.2018)

Foundation Day Celebration and 20th Prof. Raman Vishwanathan Oration (06.04.2018)

Public Lecture on Asthma: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment (28.02.2018)

Public Lecture on Use and Misuse of Antibiotics (30.01.2018)

Flag Hoisting Ceremony on Republic Day (26.01.2018)

Institute Day Celebration, and 4th Prof. H.S. Randhawa Oration (12.01.2018)

VPCI Sports & Cultural Activity 2017 (01.01.2018)

Public Lecture on “Awareness of Tuberculosis: An Age Old Menace” (29.12.2017)

Public Lecture on Harmful Effect of Tobacco and How to Quit Tobacco (14.12.2017)

1st Indian Summit on Allergy Diagnosis & Allergen Immunotherapy (08 and 09.12. 2017)

Workshop Update on Bronchial Asthma & Good Nebulization Practice (30.11.2017)

Workshop on “Good Inhalation Therapy Practices for Nursing Staff” (27 and 29.11.2017)